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We create tailor made media solutions designed to deliver outstanding results for the clients we represent.


From integrated advertising campaigns to branding solutions, we approach our work with strategic thinking, flexibility and passion.

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We have a reputation for being intensely client focused and pride ourselves on building long term partnerships.

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Highly responsive, we are committed to using numbers, data and insights to guide our decisions to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our principles


serves as the foundation towards coordination of our efforts.
The organisation of relevant, tangible and measurable objectives directs us throughout the campaign planning process.


guides our behaviour and consistently places our client objectives at the forefront of all media discussions and negotiations.


in the industry and our strong network of senior media relationships ensure that we always have our finger on the pulse to stay ahead of the game.

Outstanding Service

is the benchmark for the way we do business.
Our team are open, frank and transparent in all communications.


drives our desire to be the best that we can be and deliver the best possible results for our clients.


satisfy our need for statistical proof that our thinking is well researched, strategic and smart.

Our process


During the exploration stage, we dive into our clients business requirements and identify their key marketing challenges.



Once we have a clear strategy and we know what we want to achieve, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and negotiate the best media buy possible.



When our media plans are approved and the creative is finalised we press the go button. We diligently secure the inventory and activate the buy.



For us, we believe that ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’. That’s why we take a meticulous approach to analyse, optimise and deliver campaign data.


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Our team

On some days we are media planners, other days we are strategists, buyers or researchers. But everyday, we are listeners and thinkers.

Troy Tonkin

Agency Director

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Strategic Planning Director

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Office Manager

Chris Long

Creative Director

Mel Farrow

Account Coordinator

An Introduction To Digital Media

Freshlime is an independent, boutique media agency. We work across the full spectrum of media channels to deliver tailored advertising and marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients we represent. clients. As experts with years of experience, we are aware that our industry is full of jargon so we take our time to make sure our clients have all the information they require in order to help them make informed decisions.

Furthermore, We’ve put together this series, ‘An Introduction To …’, designed to provide a topline overview for existing clients and others to help key decision makers understand the use and value of each media channel offered by Freshlime. To kick off, we’re starting with Digital Media – a powerful and wide-ranging channel which can be used to great effect for all business types.

What is digital media?

Digital media is an umbrella term which encompasses anything which is coded and machine-readable. While this definition technically includes anything which is encoded, for example, CDs and records, when it comes to digital media as part of an ongoing advertising campaign, this usually relates to content consumed via screens. Think websites, apps, videos (live and pre-recorded), ebooks, social media, virtual reality experiences, online adverts and much more. Audio is also a digital media format and podcasts have become an increasingly popular and effective marketing option for businesses. Nowadays, TV could also be considered a digital media format but we’ll be doing an entire blog on TV media in the future because there’s so much to say on the subject – watch this space.

Why use digital media?

Businesses need to use digital media because their customers use digital products. It’s as simple as that. From setting up social media profiles and creating online communities, to developing and maintaining a website, to writing an ebook, to launching a paid advertising campaign on Google, digital media offers a myriad of options when it comes to how you want to engage with your target audience.

This flexibility of digital marketing is one of its selling points. Every person uses their digital devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc) differently and usage trends can be detected when one looks at different demographics. Thanks to cookies (those things you accept whenever you land on a new website), the behaviour and movement of users online across a range of digital media formats are tracked obsessively by companies such as Google. As consumers, we may not like this Orwellian reality, but as businesses, this information is quite simply invaluable. The data can be used to deliver tailored content to specific audiences. This allows for highly targeted advertising which is highly cost effective and can be closely monitored and tracked via a range of powerful analytics tools. This data offers insights which can be analysed and interpreted to further improve and develop future digital media advertising campaigns.

Is digital media right for me?

In 2020? Yes. Regardless of the nature of your business, we’re confident digital media marketing is a valuable option. Digital is part of our lives now in a way we don’t even notice. By reading this blog, you’re engaging with digital media. Checking your phone while you do that? That’s digital media too.

Any business, every business, should be incorporating digital media into their ongoing marketing campaigns. Digital media’s power is its flexibility and capacity to reach any audience, if used correctly. Regardless of who your target audience is, chances are they will, to some extent, be exposed to digital media. In Australia, as of January 2020, according to (research company) 88% of the population was online and 93% of these individuals use the Internet every day. Per week, we spend an average of 40 hours online. That’s the equivalent of a full time job! If it’s the public’s job to use digital media, it’s our job to get businesses in front of those users at the appropriate time.

Social media is part of the digital media tapestry which businesses cannot afford to dismiss. New data released early in 2020 shows that one in every three minutes spent online by Australians was spent on social media. 71% of Australians are active social media users. Every business needs a branded, active social presence. Whether this means creating videos to be shared on YouTube, blogs on LinkedIn, beautiful images on Instagram or a weekly podcast of industry insights, social media’s flexibility allows it to be used in a way which compliments and enhances your business.

Freshlime believes the key to an effective media campaign is to “buy the right media to deliver the right message, to the right audience, in the right environment at the right time.” The environment, in this case digital media platforms, offers almost unlimited options when it comes to reaching the right audience.

If you’re new to marketing, digital media is where we’d recommend you start. Businesses can generate phenomenal reach online with clever, targeted digital media assets and carefully track data which allows for informed decision-making as the marketing campaign expands in the future.

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If you’re interested in learning more about digital media and want to speak to a media agency about how our expertise can deliver on your business goals, contact Freshlime today.


Marketing During an Economic Downturn


As Australia emerges, shellshocked from the brutal Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and consumers alike are beginning the journey back to normality. Compared to many economies around the world, Australia could be considered comparatively unscathed but the impact of the past couple of months will continue to be felt, despite generous, ongoing federal government recovery spending. Therefore, the road ahead will be tiptoed along tentatively, by both businesses and consumers. But that doesn’t mean companies shouldn’t start ramping up marketing efforts as Australia begins to show the green shoots of recovery. 


Why think about marketing now?

In the face of economic uncertainty and unchartered territory, many organisations significantly reduce or completely cut their advertising and marketing efforts which is what we have seen 

Since the onset of Covid-19 and the legislative restrictions that followed.

This is understandable for many smaller businesses when the priority is to minimise outgoings in order to keep the business buoyant and ensure overheads are met. For larger brands however, there is plenty of historical factual evidence to indicate that those who stay in-market, and whom remain committed to maintaining their brand presence, yield stronger results and brand awareness in the long-term. Increased media consumption habits and less competition in market allows those savvy companies who maintain or increase their advertising spend to dramatically elevate their share of voice over the longer term. 

For other businesses, the marketing tap has to be turned back on at some point in order to catch-up and ensure fresh revenue can start to flow.

Now is the time to think about marketing again. With the worst of the pandemic behind us and life beginning to return to normal, businesses need to encourage consumers back to their stores and websites. Although many advertising budgets may have taken a hit, a lot can still be done. Across many channels, advertising inventory fell in price as the demand plummeted during the pandemic. Those businesses who return first, therefore, have the opportunity, via a media agency such as Freshlime, to secure affordable media buying. 


Marketing in a slow economy.

We’re under no delusion. The world is unrecognisable now compared to the early months of 2020. Just like any recovering economy, advertising in Australia post-Covid needs to be approached with a different attitude. Perhaps this has been more acutely highlighted due to the nature of this particular downturn and the continued ramifications around the world. People’s priorities have shifted and as such, advertising must shift too in order to continue to connect with the target audience. 

Marketing in a slow economy can be a challenge but it is also possible. Beyond that, for many businesses, it is vital. Pulling back across the board may have allowed businesses to stay afloat during the downturn but is not sustainable long term. Most businesses now need to think about rapidly engaging more customers as fast as possible to recoup losses and strengthen their bottom line. 

A slower economy requires clever, strategic and bespoke marketing. The mindset and activity of the consumer has been altered by the coronavirus and your marketing needs to change to accommodate that. Put the consumer’s needs front and centre of any advertising campaign and connect with them on a level which encourages them to trust you enough to depart with their often much-reduced disposable income. It’s not easy but it is key in a slow economy to remember that your customer’s priorities have shifted and you need to respond to that. 

Of course, some businesses which deliver essential services or products, may have experienced a smaller downturn and enjoy a faster recovery. If your industry is typically considered to provide non-essential, luxury purchases, the recovery will be slower and the downturn will have been more severe. But there are still consumers out there with ample disposable income who are ready to spend. The trick is finding them – and there’s where a boutique media agency can help.


The benefit of marketing in a slow economy.

If your business has survived the downturn, the recovery could offer some opportunities which can be capitalised on. Firstly, most industries will have seen casualties during the downturn. Fledgling companies are vulnerable to sudden market changes and may be unable to survive the downturn and will have folded. This leaves gaps open in the market – take those opportunities if you can. 

Secondly, as mentioned above, advertising space in many instances has become more affordable which offers the opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience at a more cost effective scale. A media agency is the best way to secure these deals.

Finally, being the first in your industry to reappear in front of consumers will give your brand the headstart it needs if your competitors are still in a holding pattern and reluctant to reignite their advertising efforts. Beat the crowd and snap up those early green shoots by leading the way with the guidance of a media agency like Freshlime. 


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If you’re interested in restarting your marketing and want to speak to a media agency about how our expertise can deliver on your business goals after an economic downturn, contact Freshlime today.

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