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Today is our first date. With any new relationship, first impressions count. We see it as a great opportunity for both parties to understand and assess the alignment of business principles, values, culture, personality and future ways of working.

Our Guiding Principles


is the cornerstone of our approach, consistently prioritising our clients' objectives in every media discussion and negotiation. Our unwavering commitment to punctuality ensures we never miss a deadline, and we hold our clients' time in the highest regard.

Exceptional Service

serves as the benchmark of our business philosophy. Our team is extensively trained to actively listen and communicate with utmost clarity, fostering an environment of openness, honesty, and transparency in all our interactions.

Continual Improvement

fuels our relentless pursuit of being the very best and achieving optimal results for our clients. We firmly believe that even in the smallest details, opportunities exist for improvement. Our focus remains on implementing best practices and continually enhancing our performance.


our extensive experience, and forward-thinking mindset guarantee that we remain at the forefront of our industry, enabling us to proactively inform our clients about emerging and enticing opportunities.

Organisational Excellence

forms the bedrock of our coordinated efforts. By establishing concrete, relevant, and quantifiable objectives, we navigate the campaign planning and implementation process with clear direction and purpose.

Quantitative Measurements

serve as the empirical evidence of our well-researched, strategic, and intelligent decision-making. Through our robust analytical capabilities, we are proficient in delivering superior placements, precise targeting, and exceptional results for our clients.


To strategically partner, steer, advise, collaborate and manage the media planning and buying requirements on behalf of the clients we represent, maximising brand exposure to generate incremental growth and increase profitability.

WHat We Do

Media Strategy

We build bespoke strategic media recommendations to address individual business objectives and requirements. Our planning is designed to demonstrate our ‘why behind the why', outlining rationale so that our clients understand the approach and reasoning behind our thinking. Each element including a communications architecture framework, client first mindset and budget forecasting and planning come together to provide a roadmap for success.

Client Service

For us, our clients' business objectives are our priority. We’ll talk straight and listen hard and be intensely focused on the numbers wherever possible. We take pride in our ability to professionally act on behalf of those we represent in market, and we treat every business as if it’s our own. A collaborative, holistic view is always taken to ensure we work efficiently with all relevant key stakeholders and the responsibility of being considered a valued, trusted business partner is paramount.

Deliver Results

As a results-driven media agency, Freshlime is dedicated to delivering concrete, data-backed outcomes for its clients. This agency prioritises measurable goals, such as increased brand visibility, audience engagement, conversion rates, and ROI, using a strategic blend of media channels and data-driven insights. Our approach revolves around optimising campaigns and strategies to ensure clients see a clear and positive impact on their objectives, all while staying adaptable to evolving market trends and consumer behaviours.

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