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Is the average time Australians spend listening to podcasts weekly.


Of Aussies listen to live or catch-up radio podcasts regularly.


Australians use Spotify for music, podcasts and much more.


Of marketers plan to continue increasing their investments in podcasts and other audio content.


Recent figures from Roy Morgan claims that more than 12.7 million Australian or 61% of the total population, now stream music on a monthly basis. While streaming audio has undoubtedly established itself as an attractive platform for consumers, it has also emerged as a powerful tool for brands.

The ubiquity of streaming has brought with it a contemporary and effective way for brands to understand and connect with an engaged audience.

With popular platforms such as Spotify, YouTube music, Apple music and SoundCloud, audio streaming is fast becoming a medium that can fill gaps in the consumer journey, connecting brands with audiences when time is not spent on screens.

Similar to music audio streaming, podcast listening has also been on a dramatic rise with more people listening to radio using apps, catch-up podcasts and smart speakers.

Figures show that around 5.6 million Australians or 36% are now weekly podcast listeners.

Advertising in podcasts too has come a long way, allowing brands to reach users in a contextually relevant environment based on their listening interests. The podcast environment allows advertisers to maximise the relativity of their message by aligning their message with content that suits their brand, whilst the storytelling nature allows brands to organically lean into relevant conversations.

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Digital audio advertising includes all ad revenue that is generated through pre- and in-stream audio ads that appear in music and podcast streaming services.

According to the 2022 calendar year IAB Online advertising report, Australia’s digital audio advertising market including podcasts, music and radio streaming services exceeded $221million. As a result, digital audio is one of Australia’s most significant growth sectors as listener numbers continue to surge.

A pioneer in music streaming, Spotify is arguably the best known and most popular global audio streaming service. With an estimated subscriber base of more than 9 million Australians, Spotify is the default platform that Aussies turn to for music, podcasts and much more. There are also several other providers in the audio streaming space including Apple Music, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio.

With people choosing to spend more time with digital audio, brands are heading down the same path in an attempt to talk to those hard-to-reach consumers. Audio is engaging and immersive, there are fewer distractions and advertisers have the opportunity to create customised message that is relevant to a listener’s personality and interests.

As we have seen in recent years, the way that consumers engage with digital audio is constantly evolving. In a recent article by Statista, the number of users in the Australian smart home market was forecast to incrementally increase by 4.5 million homes to 2027. The adoption of smart speakers in Australia has been enormous, with a reported 70% of Aussies now owning at least one smart speaker.