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1.5 hours

Is spent listening daily to radio by the average Australian.


Australians listen to radio every week.


Of Australians listen to radio each month.


Of Australians within the 5 metro capital cities are reached weekly.


Share of all commercial audio listening is held by radio.


Commercial radio ad revenues have continued to increase year-on-year in recent times as advertisers continue to confidently invest in the medium to deliver a high engagement level for their brands.

In fact, 95% of all Australians tune in to radio to stay informed and be entertained each week, on average spending 12 hours and 53 minutes with their favourite station(s). The popularity of radio means it is still one of the most spontaneous, human, accessible, personalised and trusted mediums.

The engaging and social nature of radio allows brands to build powerful connections and engage with audiences whilst also stimulating digital activity through websites, social media, apps and podcasts. With a broad range of networks, stations and programs to choose from, advertisers can specifically target audiences based on their demographics and purchase intentions.

Freshlime has all the necessary experience to identify the right stations to connect brand messages to the most relevant audiences.

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With an engaging nature and powerful connection to its audience, radio remains a strong and effective advertising medium for brands to include in the marketing mix. An affordable reach and frequency medium, radio advertising also offers immediacy, giving brands the opportunity to create commercials relatively quickly and be in market in a timely manner, to deliver key messaging around brand, promotions, events, or announcements.

Yes. All radio stations cater to specific demographics, such as age groups, interests, and genres. Once a business knows who they are trying to communicate with, ratings data can help determine which stations this audience listens to, and of equal importance, when they are listening. Creative can then be tailored to suit the tone and feel of the selected stations.

Absolutely. According to independent industry research, 4 out of 5 Australians listen to AM/FM/DAB+ radio on-air, online or via catch-up podcasts each week. Live Australian radio accounts for the majority share of all commercial audio listening, with most listeners still tuning in to their favourite station for the on-air talent, music, latest news, sport, and traffic reports.

Generally, radio advertising is more affordable than other traditional mediums such as television or print. Smaller businesses with more modest marketing budgets can still use radio to effectively reach their target audience without breaking the bank.

Advertising on radio can play a significant role as a key driver when it comes to amplifying the performance of other media within a marketing mix. Radio plays the perfect supporting role to compliment other traditional media platforms such as television, out of home, and print, whilst digital display, video, social media, and paid search can all substantially benefit in partnership with a tailored radio campaign.