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Premium Publishers


Australians consume content digitally.


Of Australians consume news publications online.


Of Australian households have paid digital media subscriptions.

5.8 hours

is the average time spent by Australians on the internet each day.

Premium Publishers

Advertising directly with Australia’s recognised premium publishers means that brands can have visibility and interact with audiences who engage and consume some of the country’s most sought after content.

In these contextually relevant environments, brands and agencies can understand the exact audience they’re buying and as such, can create more bespoke messaging. This allows for some deep insights which can formulate strategies built around the delivery of creative messaging to reach the right audience, at the right time in the right frame of mind.

Freshlime has key partnerships in place with most of the biggest premium publishers in Australia and New Zealand, and we intimately understand the best ways to plan and negotiate with the selected publishers to increase brand exposure and deliver the very best outcomes.

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We recognise that selecting the ideal agency partner can often be a challenging decision, and we are dedicated to simplifying the process for you as much as we can.

The agency works with most premium publishers and many smaller niche publishers in Australia and New Zealand.

This can vary depending on client and campaign, but the biggest direct buys that we typically include in media plans are done directly with the largest publishers in the country like News Corp Australia and Nine Publishing. Popular national mastheads such as the Australian Financial Review and The Australian, plus state-wide news sites including the likes of Sydney Morning Herald & The Age, Daily Telegraph & Herald Sun, Brisbane Times & Courier Mail continue to be sought after properties.

According to Roy Morgan research, recent readership data shows there are nine major industry categories that are most engaged by Australians online. General News remains the biggest vertical with a unique audience of 20m people, followed by property, sport, lifestyle and health, entertainment and culture, business and finance, auto, travel and technology.

Buying advertising directly with a digital publisher can have its distinct advantages. Firstly, when we frame up a media buy, we can often have more control over the placement and context of ads. This is particularly important if we want a brand to have an association to specific content, or if we want certain visibility on high traffic pages. Exclusivity and customisation are also given high consideration whenever we are negotiating a publisher media buy.

Buying directly with a premium or niche publisher can provide greater control over brand safety as we are aware of what environments our clients’ creative will appear in. Programmatic advertising can often be a concern for some brands who are more interested in having an on-going presence on specific sites only.