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Cellular mobile connections within Australia.


Of the Australian population have active social media accounts.


Of consumers plan to make at least one purchase through social shopping.


Of consumers have purchased directly from social media advertisement.

Paid Social

Social media advertising allows brands to connect with people who require products or services through precise audience targeting. Paid social media is a cost-efficient solution to help reach mass audiences, increasing awareness and generating leads.

Nowadays, approximately 80% of the overall Australian population have a social media account. At Freshlime, we know that paid social plays an important role in the consumer journey as users utilise each platform to research brands and their offerings.

Freshlime is an accredited agency partner of major social media platforms and we can help extend social reach with our expertise across Meta (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter.

When it comes to reaching the CALD audiences, in particular the Chinese market, the agency also has had past experience buying paid Chinese social media platforms across the likes of Weibo, WeChat and Little Red Book.

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We recognise that selecting the ideal agency partner can often be a challenging decision, and we are dedicated to simplifying the process for you as much as we can.

In today’s fragmented media landscape, paid social media plays such a critical role for brands wanting to promote their products, services or content online. To this end, it is essential to have well-defined strategy, monitor performance and continually optimise campaigns to maximise the power of paid social to achieve marketing goals.

Pretty much! Paid social advertising allows a brand to define and target a specific audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours and more. This precision targeting capabilities means that creative advertisements reach the people who are most likely to be interested and engaged with a company’s offerings.

Yes. Unlike any organic social media efforts, whereby time is required to gain traction, paid advertising delivers immediate results. Marketers can often start seeing increased website traffic, engagement, and conversions shortly after launching a new campaign.

Most social media advertising platforms provide detailed analytics and metrics to track campaign performance. This allows Freshlime the ability to measure the return on investment and make data-driven decisions in real-time in order to optimise strategy and drive incremental outcomes.

Absolutely. Ad units that offer in-built lead generation forms allow online users to submit their contact information, making it much easier for businesses to generate leads and follow up with potential new customers. Another important strategy is re-marketing or re-targeting. This tactic enables brands to essentially re-target those people who have previously interacted with a website, a great way to help re-engage potential customers who might not have converted during their first visit.