Traditional Advertising


51 hours

On a monthly basis is spent by the average Australian watching TV.


Dollar BVOD revenue for
FY July 22 - June 23.


Hours of content is watched by Australians on BVOD each week.


Growth has been seen in BVOD TV revenues since 2021.

Television Advertising

Brands that interact with consumers who regularly engage with TV content can build long term success, generating awareness as creative messages tap into specific programming and viewer mindsets to increase brand recall.

Advertising on TV provides the time and space to tell brand stories that resonate with audiences to deliver emotional connections, bringing new customers into the funnel to ultimately generate more conversions.

Freshlime has long-standing relationships with all television networks in major metro and regional markets, and can tailor any TV buying requirements to suit.

Subscription TV

In recent times, Australian subscription TV has experienced significant incremental growth with audiences spending more time at home seeking new content through innovative product offerings.

With the ability to reach high net worth consumers on a national scale, the Foxtel network can also be a great addition to any media plan.

Delivering some of the best local and internationally produced content available, Foxtel provides the perfect national footprint for brands looking for reach and economies of scale in a trusted, premium, brand safe environment.

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Typically speaking, ‘total TV’ refers to the cumulative advertising options that advertisers can reach audiences across all forms of television, including free-to-air traditional linear broadcast, subscription tv on Foxtel and all digital network platforms that are geared towards streaming services and connected TV.

Known as the great brand building medium, few other advertising platforms can deliver the same unbeatable scale and reach as TV. For years ,brands have used television advertising as a vehicle to deliver engaging, emotional storytelling designed to resonate with the target audience they are wanting to influence.

The costs can vary considerably depending on many factors including market size, available inventory, time slot, commercial duration, program demand and popularity. Given its premium nature and audience scale, TV advertising can be viewed as being quite expensive by comparison to other media, particularly in the major metropolitan cities. On the other hand, TV advertising in regional markets has long been considered a highly cost-effective channel. Advertising rates can vary from hundreds right through to thousands of dollars per spot.

Yes. TV advertising remains highly sought after by premium brands despite the changing digital landscape. It offers a unique way to reach a wide audience, especially for brands wanting to connect with a broad target demographic. Combining TV with well thought out digital strategies can lead to a more comprehensive marketing approach.

TV measurement metrics continue to evolve and understanding campaign performance is essential to best determine ROI and obtain key learnings for future success. Independent viewership ratings, brand awareness uplift surveys, incoming leads, sales data, and audience response rates via pixels placed on advertisers’ websites to assess site traffic can all be implemented as means to assess activity.